Shaban Group's commitment to quality drives the provision of good infrastructure

The company acquired a piece of land in Al Qastal of more than 95,000 square meters holding offices, factories, silos and warehouses.

The packing facility is equipped with the most advanced systems and technologies in packaging and distribution to serve consumers in the best way possible.

We consider each grain of rice as astandalone product, and on this standard, each grain passes a number of tests and procedures that ensures its quality, safety and purity. Storage, among other factors, is an important quality requirement, which is why we were keen on building top of the line company warehouses.Equipped with unloading and shipping technologies, and one of the most advanced racking satellite systems we are able to efficiently deliver high quality products.

Silos are one of the most important types of grain and feed storages. Their ventilation and sterilization processes are required to properly store materials. Our facility contains cylindrical silos that is of large capacities and stores large amounts of chore commodities.

Our silos are equipped with the latest technology to preserve the quality of grains and maintain a sterile environment. The perforated metal floors allow air to pass through, ensuring a moisture free environment.

Additionally, it can detect and eliminate unwanted grains. From there, pure goods are automatically transported through cranes and conveyers, minimizing human contact. Our main goal is to continue to meet our customer needs in the most creative and efficient way, through utilizing a number of technologies characterized by speed, accuracy and durability.

We run the latest warehouse management software (WMS) for the goods to be stored according to their shelf life (First In First Out Method). The goods are marked with a barcode which is controlled through computer systems associated with designated forklifts to pick and load requests in order. Through using this storage system, we have achieved absolute efficiency in our operations by reducing time and ensuring accuracy and most importantly, achieving the highest levels of security for individuals working in the warehouses.

We have provided everything that can be offered to make the packaging process automated through a palletizer system, which eliminates human intervention and manual contact with the goods. The system provides a balance to accurately and regularly measure the pre-packaged materials with a high-speed filling unit, producing dust-free packing and full bag control to suit food and products that require the utmost hygienic standards.