Shaban Group is one of the leading companies in the field of foodstuff. We are one of the largest market share holders for commodity trading and distribution in Jordan. For more than 70 years, with every product, we keep the consumer's best interest in mind, which is why our trademarks have quickly become recognized as the finest throughout the Kingdom.

Mahmoud Shaban


Shaban Group’s History

The group was founded in 1945 and entered the market and wholesale trade through selling rice, sugar, coffee and legumes in a small shop called "Shaban Mills".

The founder “Mahmoud Shaban’’ & CEO “Azmi Shaban’’

In 2000 it established a new strategy by which it formed an independent distribution company with complete storing and packing facilities for rice, sugar, coffee, and spices. In addition to logistical services that includes transportation, clearance, inventory, storage, etc. Up until today, the group grew through horizontal integration, and achieved high market share in different parts of the supply chain.

Emad Shaban



Distribution Network

Our group has a distribution network that guarantees access of its products to all parts of Jordan. The distribution process is carried out by more than 50 sales representatives to cover majority sales outlets, serving all consumer segments. Our enterprise owns more than 165 trucks and distribution cars to provide customers with distinguished service in transportation and delivery of goods to warehouses all over Jordan, covering more than 95% of the sales outlets.



We believe that our people are the basis of our success, which is why we intend to continue investing in our resources by employing a number of qualified individuals who look forward to a high sense of responsibility towards their job.
Our employees work as a team in a comfortable and creative environment with a goal to grow and develop. Consequently, we provide job opportunities for more than 500 employees in all sectors of the supply chain, and constantly train our employees through programs that improve their skill set and increase their productivity.